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A Private Equity Real Estate Firm

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We formulate ideas, identify trends and explore niches within the marketplace.   We buy assets worth buying.  Creating value in real estate is hard work. Our approach, intellect, skill sets, experience, and overall grit provide our partners institutional-quality real estate investment opportunities.  The method to our madness is to keep the wind upon our backs.



THAT infuses capital into investments that generate a return comprised of both current income and capital appreciation, with moderate volatility and low correlation to the broader markets.

THAT partners with like-minded investors.  Our relationships run deep and we carefully combine the right opportunity with each individual.  Our keen understanding of the harmony between risk and reward is something that our investment partners say differentiates us. 

THAT leverages our resources and experience to increase each opportunities potential. The model is simple.  We create value for residents within their home, which creates values for our investors investment. 

While others may be confused, we are clear.  While others are constrained, we are flexible.  While others chase fads, we discover trends.  While others see adversity, we uncover opportunity.



Senior Housing

Favorable demographic trends (population)  

Supply-constrained sub-markets in the path of growth or gentrification areas

High job growth

Location: proximity to public transportation hubs, shopping, hospitals, schools, etc.

We are a Private Equity Firm that works with select clients who subscribe to our unique approach.  The investment and management fundamentals today are very different from the way they were five years ago. Creating wealth in an upmarket is status quo, but creating and preserving wealth today takes skill.  Simply put, profits are made in the details.

The tanbic Company invites qualified investors to ask questions and to inquire about our targeted acquisitions strategy here.

WE Are seeking

We aim to invest between $3 million to $12 million in equity capital per transaction.  Our preference is Mulit-family assets and Senior Housing assets that demonstrate:

We accommodate sellers seeking to do 1031 property exchanges, as well as protect brokers in “off market” transactions.   Our reputation proceeds us.  Click here to be connected with references.

Tanner B. Bickelhaupt is the founding principal of The tanbic Company with more than 13 years of real estate, finance and management experience. Tanner’s investment track record includes successfully investing in multiple asset classes, in multiple markets and through different economic cycles. Tanner guides the firms overall strategic direction, including developing investment strategies, sourcing suitable investments for acquisition, developing relationships with high quality operating partners and sourcing and maintaining capital partner and lender relationships.  

Prior to forming The tanbic Company, Tanner was the Director of Real Estate for Black Rock Development, a real estate development company representing more than 44 entities with a real estate portfolio valued at over $550M. In 2011, Tanner joined a full-service real estate investment and management company that acquired, developed, built and managed over 9,000 units in multifamily communities in the west and mid-western states. Since 2011, Tanner has raised over $150M of private equity through high-net worth accredited investors which resulted in over $350M of asset purchas‍‍‍es throughout the United States.  

Tanner holds a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Gonzaga University. Tanner and his wife Reese have two children and reside in Scottsdale, AZ.  

Brilliant thinking is ra‍‍‍re, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.

-Peter Thiel

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The tanbic Company has a deep belief that when people are able to achieve their full potential, their lives, and society in general, are elevated.  We believe that this process begins in the home.  Always.  Creating communities that are distinctive, engaging and unique is what we do best.   Perhaps, we’re a bit rebellious in our thinking, but seeing neighbors become friends, and friends become a community is what fuels our fire.


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